Genuine and unique entertainment ensure you an Exquisite Experience in your events. Cigar rollers for your Latin themed events, wedding first dance master classes with our experimented teachers, Tropicana style show and teambuilding activities

Latin Theme Events

With our expertise and passion for authentic entertainment, we have created a full range of classic and contemporary shows inspired by the cultural highlights of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Spain for you to choose from.

Each of our themed show experiences incorporates amazing and professional performance artists, high caliber bands, original DJs, sensual dancers, and the best mixed cocktails, decoration and style.

The Experiences shows can be presented separately or combined to create a truly Latin-flavoured party like no other.

Cabaret Havana

An amazing and truly glamour's 1950s style party...

An amazing and truly glamorous 1950s style party filled with exhilarating performances, Cabaret Havana presents the very best of Cuba’s Tropicana experience.

This experience features a unique Big Band playing the legendary tunes of Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Danzon and Boleros. Live Cuban cabaret show, with dancers performing in spectacular costumes reflecting unique and distinctive atmosphere of a Cuban fantasy.

From the sexy Conga to the slick footwork of the Cha-Cha-Cha, your guests will undoubtedly enjoy sexy dance performances, colourful costumes, salsa dancers, DJ and percussionist sounds, elegant meet & greet hostesses, cigar girls and vintage casino tables.

It is a grand showcase of the dance and music of Cuba’s golden era.The decoration will be inspired by the glamorous life style of this decadent era, capturing its flavour, colour and splendour.


Salon Tango

Travel back in time into the ports of Buenos Aires...

Travel back in time to the port of Buenos Aires, to the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, to the international sensation tango has become today!

Guided by the vibrant and virtuosic live music of a tango orchestra, we present a highly stylized and specially choreographed dance show that will undeniably be an exhilarating experience for your guests.

Stunning dancing by our passionate dance couples with a display of this fiery dance form at its seductive best is followed by an evening of authentic social tango. Tango workshops can be organized before or during the event so that all your guests can try their first steps into tango.

Our DJ will play a mix of classic and electronic tango tunes, from Gardel to The Gotan Project, and anything else to suit the event. The decor will capture the mood of Buenos Aires.


Brazil Fantasy

The unique spirit of Brazil comes alive with exuberance and energy...

The unique spirit of Brazil comes alive with exuberance and energy.

Our Brazil Fantasy experience features the Samba in all its forms.

Choose from the authentic Rio de Janeiro-style carnival party with exuberant Brazilian dancers to dance couples performing popular Brazilian dance styles including Samba, Forro, Lambada, Axe and Samba Reggae.

The sounds of unique live batucada playing exciting lively percussion beats of samba, samba-reggae and samba funk.

To add a touch of unforgettable entertainment, choose the capoeira dancers who present a combination of music and martial arts performed as a mixture of self defence and acrobatic dancing.

Nowhere else in the UK will you find this colourful show de pandeiro and an authentic Brazilian DJ mixing samba-flavoured party beats and interacting with guests.

This experience offers a cool cocktail of natty suits, twirling skirts and undulating bodies: seductive, passionate and colorful.

The size of our show group is specially tailored to suit your event, from solo Sambas to acts of 25 professional performers.


Mariachi Show

Experience the big sounds of an authentic Mariachi band...

Experience the big sounds of an authentic Mariachi band in the style of Garibaldi Square in Mexico City. Our flexible-sized Mariachi band of authentic musicians playing traditional and popular Mexican music offers a unique entertainment spectacle with all the passion of Mexico.

The music is exciting, vibrant and instantly appealing. The costumes of the band are authentic and colorful. Together, they create a real Mexican 'fiesta' atmosphere.

To complete the highlight of your event, the band can be accompanied by colourful and vibrant dancers performing the traditional Jarabe Tapatio (Hat dance).

To enhance the Mexican experience you can add meet & greet showgirls dressed in traditional and colourful Mexican dresses to welcome your guests.

Sample the finest tequilas from a Mexican bar serving a mix of cocktails, Margaritas, Sangrita, and refreshing Micheladas. To style the event, traditional Mexican fun decorations can be added.


Futuro Flamenco

A vibrant celebration of Spanish culture...

A vibrant celebration of Spanish culture.

We offer a traditional gipsy flamenco experience with a contemporary twist, that combines Spanish rumba bands and outstanding flamenco dancers in performances full of passion, sensuality and colour that progress from spontaneous rhythmic improvisation to slicker and modern choreographed sequences.

Our genuine Spanish performers have extraordinary talent and will give you powerful passion-driven performances.

Whether you require a solo guitar or a full Flamenco ensemble we will select the best available artists for you and will tailor the experience to suit your event. With our Futuro Flamenco experience, a true showcase of Spanish culture, intense emotions are guaranteed.

A vibrant celebration of Spanish culture...